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Turmoil is a danger performance/ intervention surrounding the exploration and search of gender acceptance, sexual identity, and confidence in life. Herein the performers take to a body of water with HIGH VOLTAGE devices of great struggle, resulting in a live choreography that isolates the performers from its audience. 

A Sox light growing and growing, illuminating the performance and isolating the situation from its audience. 

A suitcase with a large vibrating motor inside, shaking the entire body of its carrier, heavy to hold, vibrating, oscillating the body of water,  Taking over the attention of the audience by loud noises carried over the body of water.





It's hard to safely but surely find each other within the turmoil of the dangerous fight. 


Clubholiday - 2021


I am light,
I am guidance,
I am love.

I am dark,
I am lost,
I am shadow.

The feminine, the masculine. They are imbedded within. Now and always...

Creating shadows as it shines Its light. 
They are dancing in the eternity, one cannot exits without other. 

He who surrendered
He who accepted 
He who shined.

-Tugay Kader

Collaborative performer  

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