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Omnitemporal is an in-between collective that allows its artists and creators to experience their works through a continuous and fluid process of reflection and implementation. This specific methodology, imposed by the liminality of the space where Omnitemporal is currently based, has the purpose of challenging the traditional temporal and linear dimensions of one’s working process. By creating a space that functions simultaneously in between an art studio and a white cube, the work is given the opportunity to evolve and fully embody the different phases of its creation. Denying the artworks’ death, Omnitemporal refers to the transitional qualities of the work process, where the work and its maker both enter an ongoing transformational experiment with an open ending. 


Usually, the "death" which ends the process is the exposition of the work in its finished, supposedly ideal form. Here, however, we decide to shift that concept of the white cube: we exhibit the works in their “unfinalized” form as a way to induce an alternative state of perception towards the art pieces from an artist and audience perspective. 


Furthermore, the open ended work practices that we are trying to introduce and subject our participants to, are made possible due to the community-oriented organizational framework of Omnitemporal. By taking the metaphorical concept “buurthuis" as a principle, we try to offer a space where the artist can take their own initiative to continue their art process. This buurthuis idea opens our doors to not just a specific group of only surrounding or relevant artists but tries to find people whose work fits one of the spaces we facilitate. An experimental space, where one does not have to be invited. A space where things that cannot and will not happen in an art studio, gallery, festival or white cube, can be manifested. 


After all, our most important goal is to create a safe environment where artists are able to fully expose themselves to their bare, brutal, vulnerable working process, thereby entering a discussion between the art work, the audience and themselves.

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