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Sonder is an audience composable installation-performance with manifold possibilities. 40 lenses come together in a curved installation,

breaking different kinds of light in spectacular ways onto the audience. Accompanied by a paired score borrowing from field recording, techno and noise,

the piece is played almost as an instrument, apparatus, a sculpture come alive. The work explores individualism and collectiveness;

it spans a dynamic range which gives time and care to small details as well as overwhelming gestures.

The audience is invited into states of introspection, wondering, chrysalism and a sense of sonder.

The work is in progress. Our plans for the coming year focus on developing the piece further,
both in terms of composition, its theatrical notions, its narrative and possible setups / technical questions (next to it being
a performance, it also functions very well as a stand-alone installation).

SONDER is a first collaboratie piece by the artist group MIA, run by Alexander Köppel, Inga Hirsh and Maarten Keus. 

orginally created for Traumberg festival 2023. sonder in now in further production to become an on its own standing instalation/ instrument/ performance. and has been performed infront of live audience in differrent interations at 

Traumberg july 2023 

Silencio September 2023 

WirWar september 2023 

WirWar november 2023 

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