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Space Romance 


A Father's hands, new ultimate distance relations, love ones,the desire for connection, pre recorded hugs, commercialisation of space travel, space tourism, the desire for romance. 

Looking at contemporary technology of bringing people together, it feels less and less romantic, in a world where you can be with each other, communicate, feel each other and even pleasure each other with a delay of 1,2 seconds there is no being away from each other. The romance of a longing for each other and missing each other is being pushed away by constantly being able to invade someone’s life. 


This is a project that reflects on this finding, a exploration on how technology could bring each other closer, without forcing it. A very personolalist way of connecting, with the transmitting party having a casted hand of the receiving party, through stroking it safing up messages for the person that is being missed. A transmission device that will only send if the ‘space hotel’ is in the trajectory above the receiving party. A hug, translated into spots on a suit worn by the receiving party. 


A special moment to look forward too, to share with each other. 

The work is to be explored so Please touch, explore and feel.

Screenshot 2020-11-27 at 23.07.58.png

Commissioned by Bradford Space, for IMD Class VT3 2018


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