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Life after the warm up 

Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 20.10.22.png

A work/social intervention in collaboration with Berk Duygun, a social intervention, and dystopian situation artwork. Questioning a post-climate change dystopian world, what is still important for humankind, where do we meet, how do we meet, and what do we miss in our lives.


The complete work consists of a full exhibition of multiple artists and artworks, selected and curated by Berk Duygun in collaboration with Maarten Keus.
As icing on the cake, a situational piece is placed in a basement. The experience is being in a six hour rave exposed to, instead of normal rave / nightclub aesthetic lights, a constant monochromatic light. Challenging the status quo of the nightlife scene, where individualism is inherent. By literally exposing everyone’s faces, presence and dance moves, and curating their placement surrounding the DJs, the work tried to connect people more while being indulged in almost ritualistic dancing. This was the first of many experiments with the monochromatic light on a ritualistic aspect and proved to unleash quite some energy and power when exposed to it for a long time with intent. 

The basement (an otherwise visually known location for The Hague art and nightlife goer) was filled with 6 tons of sand, relating to the “Life After The Warm Up” concept, where humans would be inclined to artificially look up senses of nature, the sun (monochromatic light) and the nature in between the bare toes.

Artists involved in the entire work:
Berk Duygun, Marlot Meyer, Ines delgado, Mižu NaZahradke, Soeria van den wijngaard, Kin Mun, Pamala Varela, ella hebendanz, Carlos Eperon Beltrán Siem Steeb, Maarten Keus

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