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Clashing bodies 

A conversation between two souls meeting, that comes with all the near misses, tension and strong clashes. 

outtakes of a trail performance 


Just like the scars that become visible in summer,

simply because they don’t tan,

the dents in the bell of one’s heart

are inevitably revealed when played.


When pushing the system

in the right direction

resonance is the result

A mutual understanding

An increase in amplitude


When two similar vibrations interact

they resonate 

Louder, together


Slowly tremble and shake the 

illusionary fence of separation

causing the orchestras of pain to play

Louder, together


Nothing to lose but fear

as at the edge of sorrow

joy is found

Louder, together

-- Soeria van den Wijngaard 

From outside to inside,

defence to offence,

constrained to released,

muted to singing.

Allowed to escape from confinement, allowed to move, act or flow freely.
Admitted and acknowledged 


two street posts were found uprooted over the span of 1,5 years.


Defeated by cars, affected by Dutch weather,  previously anchored deeply in the soil of The Hague.

Upon release from duty doubled in size and with its astounding resonating properties becomes a symbol for two bodies colliding.

-maarten keus 

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